Thursday, 23 August 2012

Monty & the Spiders!

Author Helen Grant, whose story 'The Sea Change' appeared in ST in 2007, has an excellent article on M.R. James at her blog. Warning - not for arachnophobes. No way, no how.

If you aren't given the screaming abdabs by our leggy friends, a reminder that an excellent American dramatisation of 'The Ash-Tree' can be heard on my YouTube channel. Or indeed, right here below:


Helen said...

Oooh! I shall be watching this tomorrow. Not now though, because it is time for my cocoa.

valdemar said...

Oh, sorry, Helen - it's a radio adaptation, not a video entertainment. But it's still good.

Helen said...

It has pictures though, so I contend I am still "watching" it.