Thursday, 16 August 2012

Dallas Goffin in ST (more or less)

This blog began in 2006, which means several issues of ST had been published with no bloggage (I'm a late adopter, I suppose). So it transpired that some excellent art by Dallas Goffin hasn't featured on this blog, though it was used extensively in early issues. So, to correct that, I thought I'd put some of that material in a post now.

I originally contacted Dallas to ask if he'd be interested in doing some cover art in exchange for free copies of the magazine. Instead he sent me a big folder full of material that he'd produced for projects that never got off the ground for various reasons, and said I could use anything I liked. A generous man, a good writer, and a fine artist. 
Unused (sadly) Egyptian horror illo

'Fancy a nibble?'
(Unofficial title)

Sort of Lovecraftian Sphinx(?)

'The Black Cat' - a personal favourite, cover  for ST#8

Selection of small drawings

'Bloody Heston Blumenthal, getting us all a bad name'

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Sam said...

Lovely pics. I particularly remember the black cat cover.