Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Audio Excitement (Within Reason)

If you'd like to peruse the YouTube bar over on the right, you will notice... Me doing one of those air hostess demonstrations of the emergency exits. No, not really. But you will notice more antique radio drama, including:

'The Burning Court' - an ornate, ideas-driven thriller - original story by John Dickson Carr.

'Let Me See Your Face' - an adaptation of A.M. Burrage's ghost story 'One Who Saw'.

'The Dunwich Horror' - a Forties radio version starring Ronald Coleman, of all people.

And some other goodies.


Oscar Solis said...

"Let Me See Your Face" was good fun. I will listen to the others. Radio plays are wonderful and I've found best to listen too at night, especially the mystery and supernatural ones.

On that note I've been trying to find some BBC radio play, particularly ghost stories online.

Oscar Solis said...

Yikes! I just reread my post and it's filled with so many errors. Sigh...

valdemar said...

No problem, Oscar! I appreciate your positive response - I get very few comments and I'd rather have a slightly erratic one than none at all!