Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Supernatural Tales 22 - who and/or what's in it?

Yes, I'm engaged in the perennial struggle with things like paragraphs, punctuation and, you know, words 'n' stuff. The contents of the magazine (barring sudden, terrifying changes) will be as follows:

'The Longest Night of the Year' - Andrew Alford

'The Badger Boy' - S.M. Cashmore

'Hands' - Charles Wilkinson

'The Blighted Rose' - Derek John

'Midnight Blonde' - Ian Rogers

'Visitor Attraction' - Sam Dawson

'The Rustling of Tiny Paws' - Carole Tyrrell

'Only the Dead Know Deptford' - Michael Chislett

While I know people hate spoilers, I thought I'd dangle a few titbits in the form of facts.  So here goes:

Irish authors - 1
British authors - 5
Canadian authors - 1
US authors - 1
Haunted Houses - 3
Young women in foggy graveyards - 1
Hard-boiled private eyes - 1
Gypsy flower sellers - 1
Badgers - 1
Vampires (non-sparkly variety) - 2
References to the song 'American Pie' - 1
References to the cartoon character Porky Pig - 1

I think that's a fair sampling of the various treats in store.

And here's the cover art, courtesy of Sam Dawson.

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