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Des Lewis reviews Peter Bell

Renowned short story author and critical blogger (or blogger critic) Des Lewis has shared his views on Peter Bell's latest book. It's always interesting to hear a writer's take on another writer, especially when there's no back scratching involved, just an honest appreciation of the work in hand.

This is Des's take on 'Bewitched':

A story that takes me back to what I sense to be the early Fifties, where boys could be called “cissies” by big girls and health-&-safety hadn’t been invented: frissons of the past war, a cobbler’s shop on the corner, and the acceptable insanity that the war had doled out, and the ”superstitious awe”, and the mis-alignment of souls by literal ‘bewitchment’.  

Which is almost how I read, though as a child of the late Sixties/early Seventies my experience of post-War Britain was more attenuated. Anyway, a good review.