Saturday, 9 June 2012

Codex L'ng

The indefatigable Cardinal Cox has struck again, this time with a pamphlet of poems for Unicon, to be held in August at Cambridge.

Here's the shoggoth-tastic cover of Codex L'ng. (Slightly dodgy scan, sorry.)

And here are two sample poems, both rather intriguing. Note the extensive annotations that are very much the hallmark of the Cardinal.

This pamphlet 'takes its inspiration from the references to 'inaccessible Leng' in the tales of H.P. Lovecraft as well as the Tibetan legends of the land of gLing'. Oh, and it's written in verse-forms used by the sixth Dalai Lama in the 17th century.

As usual, to order a pamphlet all you have to do is email the cardinal:

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