Thursday, 7 June 2012

ST author signs big posh book deal!

Well, sort of. Helen Grant's story 'The Sea Change' appeared in ST#11, has moved to Random House from Penguin/Puffin. She is rapidly establishing herself as the leading writer of teen thrillers.

Random House Children's Books has acquired three novels by Helen Grant in a five-figure deal. The author was previously published by Puffin. 
Fiction publisher Annie Eaton bought UK and Commonwealth rights in the titles through Camilla Wray at Darley Anderson. The Forbidden Spaces trilogy is set in Flanders, and follows 17-year-old Veerle De Keyser as she tries to discover the truth behind something she has witnessed almost a decade before: the bloodstained figure of a local man carrying a dead child in his arms. 
The first book, Silent Saturday, will be published under the Bodley Head imprint in 2013. Eaton said it "promises to be one of the most exciting literary thrillers of 2013".


Sam said...

That's great for her, and well deserved. The Sea Change was one of the best ghost stories I've read in years.

Helen said...

"Big posh book deal"?! :-D
Thanks for the kind words. I'm very grateful to ST and the other publications who have previously published my work and helped me cut my teeth with the whole editorial process thingy! xx