Saturday, 26 August 2017

Reader Poll Hots Up! Shots Not Fired, Bribes Not Offered, Some Tea Consumed

I'm especially peeved about the absence of bribes. You'd think the Masons, ZOG, Bilberberg, Soros, Atlanteans at the Earth's Core, and of course the New World Order would want to manipulate the outcome of an obscure poll on ghost stories. But no. Apparently they're too busy covering up the fact that the Earth is flat. (The Atlanteans seem especially keen on that one, for some reason.) So we just have to continue with actual democracy.

Supernatural Tales 35Over to the right and up a bit you'll see that, while Andrew Alford's story about an extremely gammy leg is still in the lead, Mat Joiner's tale of library-based weirdness is coming up on the inside. And nobody has failed to garner any votes, which is a relief.

Will one of the current peloton (if that's the word) make a break? Will Mat overtake Andrew? Or will Andrew scoop the almost unimaginable fortune of £25 - that's about 25 Euros, or $25.

So, if you haven't voted, please do! You can vote for more than one story, y'know. And if you haven't read issue 35...

Words fail me. They really do. I thought we were pals 'n' that.

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