Friday, 18 August 2017

Books for sale!

Advertising old books for sale. As Cole Porter so memorably didn't write, but that's showbiz.

I am offering discerning readers three Ghost Story Press volumes in what I consider good (or possibly very good) condition. And yes, I do need the money, but freeing up some space is also a factor.

Links below take you to Goodreads with pics etc. More Googling will of course give you some idea of their approximate value. If you want to see any or all of these books on approval I will gladly send them to someone I know and trust. If I don't know you and nobody I trust can vouch for you, sorry, nothing personal.

Master of Fallen Years by Vincent O'Sullivan

The Death Mask by H.D. Everett

Little Red Shoes by Dermot Chesson Spence

30844160The Death Mask: And Other Ghosts3797189

I accept PayPal or UK cheques, if anyone is interested in making me an offer.

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