Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Channel Zero

A hat-tip to author Steve Duffy for this one, a new TV series on SyFy. Each season of Channel Zero features a six-part, self-contained story. The first stars Paul Schneider (Mark in the first season of Parks & Recreation) and British thesp Fiona Shaw. Here is the synopsis of the first story, 'Candle Cove'.
What happened to Mike Painter's twin brother back in the summer of 1988? How is his death connected to Candle Cove, a children's show which no one seems to remember, and exists only as a whisper of a memory in Mike's mind? And how are they connected to a mysterious child made of human teeth?
A mysterious child made of human teeth? I'm in!

The premise of the story is that a small group of people remember a creepy children's puppet show called Candle Cove. It seems to have a very disturbing effect on anyone who sees it. Thus television is made from television. It's a natural progression from the old days when ghost stories were often based on rare books, collections of letters, and the like. The difference, of course, is that an old television broadcast can pop up almost anywhere these days (but most probably on YouTube).

Anyway, I'll be keeping a weather eye out for Channel Zero. It sounds interesting.


paul b. said...

You're familiar with the creepypasta series this thing seems to be based on, sir? 'Twas a pretty big deal few years back. Anyhow, I think that all entries should be available as YT narrations. I can't say that I found them to be exactly memorable, but folks generally like em.

valdemar said...

Thanks! I've seen a few creepypastas on YT, and they're pretty good, by and large. This particular one is new to me, though.

Anonymous said...

Anyone remember The Magic Singing Ringing Tree? That was creepy.