Wednesday, 2 November 2016

'Milosh' & 'Sanity'

Not one but two stories by Michael Eisele today, because I went to bed early last night. Yes, I read in bed, what of it? I have a hot water bottle and always wrap up warm.

Anyway, both these tales return to themes already explored earlier in The Girl with the Peacock Harp. 'Milosh', which has no supernatural elements, is the simple tale of a Roma/gypsy lad who falls in love with a young woman who plays him false. It's nicely wrought, and it's message that the outcasts are often better people than self-styled civilised folk seems apposite these days.

'Sanity' surprised me a little, in that it seems a little too like 'What Dreams May Come'. Here again we have a woman in contemporary America who imagines that she is a being of great power in another world. There is a twist, but it's a little too predictable for old Buffy fans like myself. Another problem is that the fantasy world where Magda, the protagonist, is a powerful mage made me think of Dungeons and Dragons. So, a bit out of my wheelhouse, I'm afraid.

Never mind. More of my fascinating insights tomorrow!

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