Thursday, 24 November 2016

Horror Stories (including a couple of mine)

Here is a collection of stories from Scare Street that seems to be free on Kindle at the moment, and is quite reasonably priced in paperback. Ideal Christmas present for those difficult cousins, aunties, between-maids, that sort of thing.

Horror Stories: A Short Story Collection (Scare Street Horror Short Stories Book 4) by [Ripley, Ron, Whittle, Eric, Clancy, Sara, Longhorn, David, Nasser, A.I.]

There are two stories by me in it. One, 'Urbex', is a short but nonetheless repellent item set in modern Britain, or under it. Some people meet in a pub and then go and do something silly. It's that realistic. The other story, 'The Sin Eater', is set in rural England in Victorian times and concerns a strange ritual that the squire disapproves of but the vicar tolerates. Anyway, it's a book, and its here.

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