Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost Bonkers

Here's a feature about two women who tried to have sex with ghosts. I'll just leave it here for your perusal.

Katie: My room is generally pretty clean, so I didn’t have to do much to tidy up. I lit a red candle that I’d bought from a witchcraft shop (red for sex), closed my curtain, and lay down on top of my bed, fully clothed. Everyone knows that ghosts can go through things, so in my mind, that shouldn’t matter. Also, it was too cold to get naked. 
Arianna: I, too, was clothed because of the temperature of my apartment but, to be fair, could have probably chosen a sexier outfit than my Mickey Mouse sweatshirt and BuzzFeed sweatpants.

You may think they didn't take it entirely seriously. I couldn't possibly comment.

There are a few ghost stories that feature what our American cousins call bumping uglies. The obvious one is 'The Amorous Ghost' by Enid Bagnold, which isn't bad. There's also Gordon Honeycombe's novel Neither the Sea Nor the Sand, which made for a decent enough film. But most such accounts are offered as true stories, as in the case which was filmed as The Entity. Try Googling 'Amorous Ghost' and you'll get a lot more than the Bagnold story.

It seems that sexy ghosts are pretty popular, perhaps because they link sex and death so intimately. That which we yearn for and that which we fear, inextricably entwined.

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