Monday, 4 April 2016

Ghosts & Scholars

It seems a long time since I last mentioned Ghosts & Scholars, which is both a fascinating website and a regular journal of goodies pertaining to all things M.R. Jamesian. The original magazine was dedicated to scholarship, reviews, and fiction in roughly equal amounts. At the end of the century, after two decades of flawless editorial, Ro Pardoe decided to scale things down to a regular newsletter, without the fiction. 

A lot of people missed the regular diet of excellent stories, of course, but fortunately over the last few years Ro has taken to publishing a small number of stories per issue. Why, yes, some of them are mine, why do you ask? Oh, all right, I have a story in the latest issue and some people think it's good. The point is that if you go the link above you will find yourself in Monty James heaven, with access to a huge amount of fact and fiction of excellent quality. 

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Jason Newton said...

On the subject of M.R James, I found an old paperback in the attic a few weeks ago. The cover was very evocative.

I looked up the artist and his work can be found here.

Google Images link: