Friday, 18 March 2016

It's a Draw!

E.F. Benson's stories 'Caterpillar's and 'The Room in the Tower' came joint first with 11 votes each in the exciting online poll, closely followed by 'The Face' and 'Negotium Perambulans'. I was surprised that there were poor showings by the much-anthologised vampire story 'Mrs Amworth' (5 votes) and 'How Fear Departed from the Long Gallery' (2 votes).

So, that's Fred Benson. Let's have a breather. Next up, Aickman. So far I've got these stories. There are rather a lot of them. Any more?

The Swords
Bind Your Hair
The Hospice
Ringing the Changes
The School-Friend
The Inner Room
The Cicerones
Never Visit Venice
Pages From a Young Girl's Journal
The Houses of the Russians
The Same Dog
The Wine Dark Sea
Meeting Mr Millar
The Unsettled Dust
Into the Woods
The View
The Trains

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James Everington said...

This is the hardest yet....