Friday, 18 March 2016

Book of Shadows!

The Third Ghosts & Scholars Book of Shadows will be out later this year, and the table of contents was recently published in Ro Pardoe's G&S Newsletter. So here it is:

'Twenty Years Afterwards' by C.E. Ward
'A Gap in Society' by John Howard
'Tempus Edax Rerum' by John Llewellyn Probert
'The Man in the Rose Bushes' by Steve Rasnic Tem
'Another Episode of Cathedral History' by Peter Holman
'Holywood' by Tom Johnstone
'Bone Matter' by David A. Sutton
'The Second Crown' by Katherine Haynes
'The Brooch' by John Ward
'We Don't Want for Company' by D.P. Watt
'Blackberry Time' by Peter Bell
'The Mask of the Dead Mamilius' by Mark Valentine

What a line-up! The first two Books of Shadows were very good (of course), and this third volume will only reinforce what a tremendous inspiration M.R. James still is.

Update: here's the link to the Sarob Press blog.

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