Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Free eBook!

If you're a Kindle personage, you might want to pick up my collection of stories for free. It's here. Or, if you're American, it's here. Rather sadly, it's only garnered one review so far, but the person concerned was kind enough to say:

'Excellent, well-written stories that are disturbing and unnerving rather than full-on horror.

'If you want something gourmet rather than fast-food, these are for you.'


Mark Fuller Dillon said...


Jim Rockhill said...

Are you planning a hardcopy edition eventually? I remain a hardcopy Luddite resistant to ebooks and music downloads.

Jim Rockhill said...

P.S. I have enjoyed your stories in Ghosts & Scholars and other venues. Glad to see them collected!

valdemar said...

I don't think there'd be much demand for my stuff if I self-published it, but I could give it a go as a print-on-demand thing? Then it would be up to folk to order it themselves. Thanks for your kind comment, Jim.