Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Arthur Machen Poll

Let's have a referendum on Arthur Machen! You know it makes sense. We're all a bit decadent at heart.

To the right is a column of blog things, and if this is working properly there'll be a Machen poll at the top until the end of the month.

So, which of Machen's tales do you rate? You can vote for more than one, if you like. Personally I'm torn between 'The Great God Pan', 'The White People', and 'The Inmost Light'. I know there are Machenites out there, lurking in the hills, so get voting!

UPDATE: Hurrah! People are voting. It seems that, as of now, 'The White People' is doing well. But it's still early doors (in the Welsh hillside).

Next up - M.R. James.


Oscar Solis said...

My vote is in. Of course, I went with The White People and also threw in my support for N and The Black Seal. The White People may be one of the most beautifully written works of literature ever. I'd love to know if there were working notes for it or if it was conceived whole and complete. I read it every now and then and it remains as fresh as the first time I came across it.

valdemar said...

I suspect that a lot of people would agree. It would be interesting to know if Machen wrote it at one sitting in a frenzy of inspiration or (as seems more likely) refined it over many weeks or months.