Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Don't Forget the Ghost Story Awards! (As if you would)


To vote, you must be a member of A Ghostly Company, or a reader of the Ghosts & Scholars Newsletter, or of Supernatural Tales.

You may send your vote by email to; markl.valentine@btinternet.com. (The fifth character in the email address is a lower case L for Lima, not i or a number 1.)

Your vote must arrive by midnight on February 28th, 2016.

You may vote for up to three ghost stories and up to three ghost story collections or anthologies. You do not have to put your votes in any order: they will be treated as of equal weight. You also do not have to give three titles in either category: you may if you prefer give only one or two.

Remember that the story or book must have been first published in English in print and paper format in 2015. The term “ghost story” will be interpreted broadly to refer to work about any supernatural entity and to allow for ambiguity.

You should head your email or letter GHOST STORY AWARDS and follow this format:

Your Name

State AGC/G&S/ST (to show which qualifies you to vote)

List (up to) three ghost story collections or anthologies: Title/Author or Editor/Publisher

List (up to) three ghost stories: Title/Author/Publisher

(Please do not include other correspondence, although of course this may be sent separately).


Todd Treichel said...

I wholeheartedly support the Ghost Story Awards and will not let them slip by without participating. On a very closely related note, I suppose it may be too late to vote on the best story in ST30, but just in case it's not, I offer a vote for Steve Duffy's "Even Clean Hands Can Do Damage", by the width of an ectoplasm over Helen Grant's "30". For what it's worth I also found Mark Valentine's Joel Lane tribute and Mike Kelly's brutal little ballad to be very fine work. A very strong issue worthy of the 30th milestone.

valdemar said...

Thanks, Todd, it's not too late to vote on issue 30. In fact people can carry until the New Year.