Monday, 6 July 2015

The Anniversary of Never

The Swan River Press is publishing a new volume of stories by the late Joel Lane. While I never met Joel, he was very encouraging in the early years of ST, and submitted stories to me that he could just as easily have placed in popular (and cash paying) markets. He cared for the genre and wanted horror fiction to be intelligent, enjoyable, and above- all well-written. This new collection is a landmark and a tribute to a superb writer and critic who was lost to us far too soon.

 I think that the cover art, by Polly Rose Morris, is brilliant.

"Introduction" by Nicholas Royle
"Sight Unseen"
"Crow's Nest"
"All the Shadows"
"Midnight Flight"
"Ashes in the Water" with Mat Joiner
"For Their Own Ends"
"Bitter Angel"
"After the Fire"
"The Annniversary of Never"
"The Messenger"
"For Crying Out Loud"
"All Dead Years"
"Some of the Fell"

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