Friday, 3 July 2015

Rappers Delight

The third film in the series that started with The Wicker Man has just been launched as a crowd-funded project. There's already a Brit Ekland-ish ingredient, it seems...
The film has already cast Halla Williams, an Icelandic model who also hosted her country’s version of The X Factor.
Well, good luck with that. You never know. But I wonder if there'll be rappers in this new movie?

The original film is replete with images (and songs) taken from British folklore, though it has to be said that Summerisle, while off the coast of Scotland, seems awfully English in many ways. This is especially true of the sword or rapper dancers who feature in a number of scenes.

I happen to come from a part of England where sword dancing of the rapper (possibly a corruption of 'rapier') kind has been practised for many years. It seems to have been common among miners but is now a subculture of Morris dancing, which is obviously resembles. Anyway, historical pictures of rapper teams are rather interesting, and make an interesting contrast with the May Day folk pictured in an earlier post.

'Who's the tosser in the titfer?'

Serious business

'So, this rich bloke has no actual house?'

A tad Pythonesque

And here, in The Wicker Man, the sword-star employed to sinister effect.

Whereas these chaps are just show-offs, really.

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