Saturday, 23 May 2015

John Howard Interview

I've only met John Howard once (and that was probably enough for him), but he's a nice chap as well as a writer/genre expert whose tastes overlap with mine in some interesting areas. Anyway, here's an interesting interview with him.

I was particularly struck by this passage:

The future was going to be brighter, cleaner, safer. Slums were being demolished and new housing built. In some places the ruins caused by World War II were finally being swept away – in London there was the Barbican scheme and Route XI. Sleek motorways crossed the country. Jet airliners like vast metal birds flew overhead, and I watched the Apollo missions on TV. Now we know that new solutions give rise to new problems, but to this child it seemed that only challenge and wonder was in store.

I read comics and watched films and programmes on television which showed the marvellous buildings and world of the future, and I thought that one day I should see them and live in that world. Sometimes I feel that the bright future has been stolen, so perhaps I try to compensate for that loss in some of my stories.

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