Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Online seance

'Tis nearly the Witching Hour, by Greenwich Mean Time anyway, so I offer you, my insomniac or differently-time-zoned reader, a special treat. An online psychic reading! The spirits move through me, and thanks to them I can reveal your inmost secrets...

Do you have a name beginning with a letter of the alphabet?

Yes, I know, it's spooky, but stay with it...
Have you ever been really disappointed?

Did it involve love, money, or possibly something else?

Is the colour blue, the number three, or a large watermelon important in your life?

What's that crawling up your leg?

Perhaps I should end this psychic session now, lest I go too far. And I must stress that psychic powers are not to be meddled with by the uninitiated. Check out Mr Nude...

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