Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Nightfall - an essay by Adam Golaski

No, not here - here it is. Adam writes with great insight about the (to me) obscure Canadian radio drama series that produced some of the best weird fiction to be broadcast in my lifetime. While radio drama virtually died in the USA it survived with the 'BBC ethos' of CBC and as a result Nightfall (and other good series, such as Vanishing Point) had respectable runs.

Adam's essay begins with his own personal response (as a lad) to Nightfall's adaptation of Aickman's 'Ringing the Changes'. He concludes by pondering the series' demise - perhaps they simply ran out of stories, or maybe angry complaints about it being too scary played a part? Whatever the facts, Nightfall remains an anomaly - a Canadian show from the television era that recalls the post-war golden age of American radio drama.

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