Friday, 14 September 2012

Jack's Return Home...

Well, my return home, to be specific. I have been away to a. Cambridge, staying at St John's College courtesy of the wonderful Dr Mark Nicholls, who is Head Librarian there, and then b. Dorchester, staying at a hotel with dodgy plumbing. The Cambridge Expedition was Black Pilgrimage for A Ghostly Company, which is basically a group of people who go to pubs and restaurants on the vague pretext of discussing ghost stories. And Cambridge 2012 was, of course, the pilgrimage in honour of M.R. James (born 1862).

Here is a picture of the Companions at a quaint rural hostelry, having had a nice Sunday lunch.

The picture includes several ST writers, including: far left, Peter Bell; back row, sixth from right, Mark Nicholls; third from right, Kate Haynes; centre in check shirt, Antonio Monteiro; centre front, Bill Read (for whom many thanks for the picture, which was taken with Bill's camera by a helpful passerby). Also pictured at front left is Loretta Nikolic, an artist who produces rather nice ghostly greetings cards. She was about to launch into a car-boot type sale of her wares at this point - I bought quite a few. Your humble editor is in the frame - back row, fourth from left, in the cool shades. 

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