Thursday, 27 October 2011

Halloween Movie Ideas 7 - Ringu

The movie that started the Asian horror boom. Genuinely disturbing and owing something - at times - to M.R. James (the central idea of the living picture, plus the 'thing' with long hair, not to mention a scene down a well).


Anonymous said...

I thought this one was excellent. Very disturbing imagery. Some of it stays for days. I've never seen the remake and I'm sure I never will. There's just something about J-horror that doesn't translate well to american film versions. It's like pouring a lot of water into a cup of perfectly made cocoa (that's the best analogy I could think of at the moment :)

I like the comparison to M.R. James. I think I'll watch it again, in that light.

valdemar said...

Yes, I agree that remakes are pointless because they fall so flat. Still, I'm reliably informed that some people can't watch movies with subtitles. I suppose it's a question of what you're accustomed to.