Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween Movie Ideas 4 - The Last Broadcast

This was released before Blair Witch, and is vastly superior to it IMHO. A modern media tale of terror, with found footage of an expedition to find the fabled Jersey Devil. This is, for me, one scary movie, despite a notable lack of gore. 


Martin Roberts said...

One of my favourite found footage movies...I ran a seminar centered around it at university I imported the DVD back when discs where more expensive than an average Blu Ray!

Excellent choice for Halloween - Blair witch works better when the fake TV Doc is watched prior to viewing the found footage, and if memory serves the BWP team seperated their footage as TLB beat them to it.

64% through the kindle version of ST19 and will subscribe (finally) on payday.

valdemar said...

Thanks, Martin. I was underwhelmed by Blair Witch when I saw it at a cinema. I saw TLB on TV, alone, and it scared me considerably.

Anonymous said...

The Last Broadcast was okay. Much better than The Blair Witch Project. I do have to say one of the directors of BW made a very creepy movie a while back called Seventh Moon. That's one to see alone at night.

Mr. Primate said...

For me The Last Broadcast completely blows it with the ending. By flipping from 'documentary' to straight fiction the film makers betray the viewer and ultimately undermine the whole story.

The Blair Witch isn't everyone's cup of tea either but by sticking with 'found footage' to the bitter end it keeps that vital feeling of claustrophobia and builds to a simple but effective climax.