Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Halloween Movie Ideas 5 - Blood from the Mummy's Tomb

Halloween is a Hammer-y time of the year, and who doesn't like a bit of Ancient Egyptian folderol, complete with a severed hand that crawls about a bit?


Anonymous said...

I just saw this one. It wasn't bad. I was on a Hammer mummy movie run and saw it after The Mummy's Shroud. They don't make mummy movies like they used to...fun and scary (I don't consider Universal's recent batch of Mummy movies scary. They're action-adventure movies).

valdemar said...

It's not a brilliant film but it is satisfyingly 'Hammer-y'. Also, when I was young I had a thing for Valerie Leon, who appeared as a martial arts femme fatale in an aftershave commercial.