Friday, 27 August 2010

A Warning to the Curious - Pop Song

I'm sure if the Provost of Eton were with us today, he'd be blasting out power chords from his Fender with the best of them and giving it lead vocals. In Latin. Mediaeval Latin. Coz that's how he rolled.


Thornavis said...

Very atmospheric. On an almost completely unrelated point, have you seen that literary style programme that tells you who you write like. Over at Heresy Corner H is getting a bit miffed at always coming out like Lovecraft ! No one seems to be like M.R. James yet, although someone does write like Wells. I dread to think who I'd be E.J. Thribb probably.

valdemar said...

Yes, I've seen it. I did the logical thing and put in examples of various authors' works to see if they wrote like themselves. I won't spoil your fun - try it.