Thursday, 26 August 2010

Right, everybody spend money on this book

Sarob Press is back, and this time they're kicking ass like a very rude hero in one of those loud confusing films your mother doesn't like. Well, more precisely they are publishing a new collection of ghost stories by Clive Ward, also known as C.E. Ward, possibly for tax purposes.

Anyway, here are some facts...

NEW for October 2010 from WORLD FANTASY AWARD winning SAROB PRESS

C.E. Ward : Seven Ghosts and One Other

In 1998 we published Vengeful Ghosts by C.E. Ward as our second publication (and our first by a living author). The collection was very well received, sold out pretty quickly and is long out of print. Indeed, it's now something of a collectors item. We are pleased and very proud to now present Mr Ward's long-awaited second ghost story collection ... Seven Ghosts and One Other. These eight Jamesian tales include two new long and previously unpublished supernatural stories and the authorised completion of M.R. James' unfinished “The Game of Bear”.  Stories: “The Doorway of St Stephen's”, “The Game of Bear”, “The Short Cut”, “Not Found Among You”, “The Particular”, “The Guardian”, “Mariner's Rest” and “Behind the Curtain”.
Afterword by C.E. Ward. Illustrations by Paul Lowe.
Limited Edition Hardcover. Printed Boards. Edition limited to 150 numbered copies.
Limitation will be reviewed if pre-publication interest suggests a larger print run is appropriate.

UK: UK £20    Europe: 25 euros   USA & Rest of World: US $35

Free Surface Mail Postage & Packing Included
UK orders are sent second class UK postage from within UK.
For Airmail ADD : USA/RoW: US $5


CHEQUE (payable to ROBERT MORGAN) [UK £ or USA $* only]
*Please ADD US $5 for Conversion Fees if paying by USA $ check. Or keep the cost down and pay by PAYPAL.

PAYPAL  Details will be posted here very shortly. E-mail Robert at if you want to reserve a copy of Seven Ghosts and One Other pending payment.

CASH. Cash at Senders Risk.

Euros ~ Sorry, but Paypal or Cash Only. 


Anonymous said...

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Keep up the superb work!

Anonymous said...

This is over the top exciting! I am sooooo happy Sarob is back.. and what a comeback. The Paul Lowe illustrations alone will be worth the price. I hope Robert sticks around for awhile now - I LOVE Sarob Press!!!! Sincerely, Justin Case

valdemar said...

Glad you like it chaps. Sarob's return is indeed a Good Thing. Robert has plans to produce a limited number of very good hardbacks a year. Collector's items, every one.

Anonymous said...

whats up everyone

just registered and put on my todo list

hopefully this is just what im looking for, looks like i have a lot to read Im trying to find a way to build an e-mail list.