Thursday, 5 August 2010

The Bleeding Horse

Brian J. Showers of Swan River Press informs me that he still has a good few copies of this excellent collection of ghostly tales in the 'localist' tradition of Le Fanu. It makes for a really good read. Indeed, if you want a volume to snuggle down with at the end of summer, as the nights lengthen, this is one to read by the light of a guttering candle. Here's a bit of blurb. Follow this link to see more:

Each story features a recognisable Dublin setting and infuses it with a spectral history. Among the mysteries you will be invited to unravel are: the origins of The Bleeding Horse pub's gruesome name ('The Bleeding Horse'); the mysterious events leading to the discovery of Jack B. Yeats' final painting ('Oil on Canvas'); the eerie and persistent repercussions of a tragic omnibus accident in 1861 ('Favourite No. 7 Omnibus'); the possible resting place of the stolen Irish Crown Jewels and what guards it ('Quis Separabit'); the identify of the strange entity that plagued a 19th c. curate ('Father Corrigan's Diary'); and more. The Bleeding Horse and Other Ghost Stories features black and white illustrations throughout byDuane Spurlock, an introduction by Le Fanu scholar Jim Rockhill, and a cover by Harvey Award winner Scott Hampton.


strantzas said...

When the deuce is Showers going to publish his next book? The Bleeding Horse was marvellous, but it was only about half a journey.

valdemar said...

Love that 'when the deuce'. Were you wearing a tweed jacket and smoking a pipe when you had your manservant type it? I agree of course - Mr Showers is taking the whole 'leave them wanting more' shtick to quite unreasonable lengths.