Sunday, 13 April 2008

Noo magazine

Yes, with luck ST13 will be along soon, just like a British train - weeks late and with a slightly sticky, unpleasant feel to the upholstery. But I have managed to cut a deal with a much cheaper printer, and that's good. So good, in fact, that I think I might at least plan out a few more 'extra' volumes. One obvious title would be The Best of Supernatural Tales, or something to that effect. There are enough excellent stories in the first, say, nine volumes to put together a new limited edition job. It would be a shame to let such good writing disappear without trace. Well, we'll see. Perhaps I could also do an extra issue dedicated to unusually long stories i.e. up to novella size. Anything's possible - if the new printer does a good job. I am still awaiting the result.
Trouble with printers is they each is a law unto him/herself and sometimes they are staggeringly unreasonable. My last firm decided to print an extra fifty copies of ST12 i.e. far more than I could sell, but very kindly offered to charge me a little less for the copies I hadn't ordered. I paid up pleasantly enough and started looking for someone else. The printer before that actually shut up shop and moved premises without telling me. This was after a mere four years of my custom.
But I digress into boring stuff. The point is that I'm feeling a bit more optimistic about ST as a venture. Indeed, I might even put operations on a more businesslike footing in future. Wait and see.

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