Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Issue 39 - a sneaky peek

The next issue of ST should be out next month, with a bit of luck. I'm aiming for the 'sweet slot' between Hallowe'en and Christmas, when ghostly manifestations are in everyone's mind. As well as shopping.

I think it's an excellent issue (of course) not least because of the sheer number of new writers. Only two have appeared in ST before! Most, however, are recognised as rising or established talents on this or the other side of the pond. So, without further ado, here are the contributors, plus first sentences to tickle the readerly palate.

'I heard this story on a night flight back from Dubai.'
'A Tiny Mirror' by Eloise C.C. Shepherd 

'The bastard pulled the dump-her-in-a-restaurant trick, a coward's way out.
'A Family Affair' by Margaret Karmazin

'They knocked on his door at ten of ten.'
'Burnt Heart, Bound Feet' by Danielle Davis

'Fifteen years later, on the bus, I ran into a girl who'd been in our grade'
'Like the Absence...' by Chloe N.Clark

'As soon as Simone set foot on the path through the heather her spirits began to rise.'
'The Moor' by Rosalie Parker

'They're all looking at me, he thought.'
'By the Hungry Sea' by Carrie Vaccaro Nelkin

'Yes, I know.'
'The Figure in the Scene' by Jon Barron

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