Tuesday, 9 January 2018

'The Fiddlers'

Pam Farley's contribution to WHA 2 begins with a woman waking up in a windowless room. There is nothing inherently sinister about this - in fact, it's a happy accident. Elle finds herself alone, which is unusual. Where are her pets? Where, indeed, is her husband? As she explores the farm where she lives Elle realises that something is seriously wrong. She hears a snatch of music, a distant fiddler. Then she finds a horse, Lara, who has survived the mysterious event. Soon it becomes clear that Elle and Lara must escape. But can they?

'The Fiddler's is an odd little story that I quite enjoyed. There is no attempt explain, only to describe a person's response to an extreme - and baffling - threat. The ending is arguably an endorsement of individual freedom, regardless of the cost. Ambiguous stuff, but memorable.

More from this running review very soon!

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