Monday, 31 July 2017

'Playing in Their Own Time'

The best story I've read in Cold Iron is by Tracy Fahey. It uses a classic setup, the ghost story investigator who finds the subject of their TV show becomes all too personal. The setting, too, is familiar - the haunted castle. But these familiar ingredients are served up in near-perfect fashion.

The ghost hunter is presenter of an Irish show with none of the budget or glitz of its American counterpart. The story begins with a flashback to the protagonist's first visit to the castle, and the glimpse they get of a little girl in Victorian dress. A follow-up programme is proposed, and it transpires that now there are two little girls, playing 'in their own time'. There is also a chilling, perfect ending that is subtle, intelligent, and completely convincing.

I can't really say any more, except that Fahey is a writer I will watch out for in future. More of this running review soon!

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