Saturday, 15 August 2015

Vote, Vote, Vote for (Insert Name Here)!

Someone just voted Adam Golaski's story 'Wild Dogs' as the best in (sort of) epoch-making issue 30. In writing this fact down I rendered the title 'Wild Gods'. I suspect I may have hit upon a fundamental truth, there.

There's still time to vote for your favourite story in ST#29, btw - I'll be announcing the winner in the Winter issue, due out in November. Please at least think about voting, or sending feedback about ST's content. It really does help and I can pass on fulsome praise to the authors.

Writers so often work in isolation, poverty, paranoia, and their underwear. Let's send them a little ray of sunshine, shall we?

This had better be brilliant,...


Anonymous said...

I vote for Rucker's "An Element of Blank": I liked the description of the interactions beteween the girls. Also "Wild Dogs" is a powerful story.

Riccardo Giandrini

valdemar said...

Thanks! Any more votes?