Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Big News from Sarob!

Sarob Press is publishing the first ever collection of stories by Michael Chislett. In the City of Ghosts will contain thirteen stories. Here is the list:

“Not Stopping at Mabbs End” 
“The Changelings” 
“The Middle Park” 
“Off the Map” 
“Deceased Effects” 
“The Friends of Faustina” 
“The Waif” 
“The True Bride” 
“A Name in the Dark” 
“Infernal Combustion” 
“You’ll Never Walk Alone” 
“Held in Common” 
“The Old Geezers”

As always, there's a splendid Paul Lowe cover illustration.

I suspect pre-orders for this one will mount up very quickly, so if you're interested I'd move quickly to bag a copy.

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