Tuesday, 12 August 2014

'Pua Mana'

I've recommended the ghost stories of David Rowlands before, but it's a fact that copies of his two collections (from Ghost Story Press and Ash-Tree Press) are expensive and hard to come by. However, you can buy both as ebooks from Amazon. (If you don't have a Kindle there is a free 'app', apparently.)

His first collection was The Executor and Other Ghost Stories. The second was They Might Be Ghosts.

And it's from that second collection that the reading below is taken. David R. kindly gave me his permission to publish the story on the ST YouTube channel. It's called 'Pua Mana' ('Sea Breeze'), and it's one of several tales about Hawaiian music. I know, nothing sounds less spooky than the stuff that accompanies hula dancers in grass skirts. But stay with it - this is a rather nifty sequel to a classic ghost story. See if you can guess which one before the key scene. I will say no more!

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