Thursday, 14 August 2014

Open To Submissions!

Yes, it's that time again. We (in the royal sense) are open to submissions until the end of the month. Any story accepted will definitely appear in an issue of ST next year. So, get submittin', you writer types who don't want to be paid in anything so crass as money. See Guidelines for more info.

In the Guidelines I suggest people read a copy of the magazine to find out what sort of stories I might like. But of course, this would cost money and I realise some writers aren't eccentric millionaires. So instead let me point you at some free stuff online that might help you form an opinion.

Here are my readings of two stories from ST authors: 'His Head Appeared' by Jane Jakeman (very short), and 'The Edge of the Map' by Iain Rowan (about 8 mins). Those links take you to the ST YouTube channel, which contains a veritable gallimaufry of stuff that I like. And all for nuthin'.

What of the editor? Here is a story I wrote some time ago, published in Ghosts & Scholars. On the YT channel I read a story of mine that appeared in The Silent Companion. These may provide some insights into my tortured psyche and all that jazz.

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