Saturday, 13 April 2013

Gothic Noir, Silvered Dreams

I know next to nothing about photography, but sometimes I stumble upon a photograph that speaks to me. It  usually begins with 'You know nothing about photography', admittedly, but it sometimes expands on this and points out that I'm missing out on the work of an interesting artist. So it is with a postcard I recently received (along with a very welcome subscription renewal) from a reader in Texas. The postcard features a 'hand-tones silver-gelatin photograph by Rocky Schenck. And if you don't know Mr Schenck's work, try this for size:

Yes, that is Nicole Kidman, the former Mrs Cruise. So this Schenck chap is probably quite successful, given that his commercial portfolio includes quite a few celebs. But his site also features what might loosely be termed fantastic or strange images, and I think people who enjoy supernatural fiction might well appreciate it. Here are a few examples:

Dream Sequence

Cemetery Screening

9th and Lake

Every picture hints at a story. I should add that if you click on an image above you get it enlarged, and a little 'slideshow' thingy appears. Did I mention that I'm old?

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