Monday, 4 February 2013


This year sees the centenary of the birth of Peter Cushing, whose screen credits - on film and TV - are numerous and remarkable. I dread to think what cack-handed farrago the BBC might have in the pipeline. The corporation has become rather obsessed with 'analysing' dead celebrities, especially showbiz types. While I can understand this, I really deplore the way the amateur psychoanalysis of not-that-good scriptwriters takes precedence over real expertise in a subject. It would be nice Mark Gatiss will get the Cushing gig, in some form. Well, let's see.

Meanwhile, there's Whitstable. This novella by Stephen 'Ghostwatch' Volk is not a supernatural story, but it features Peter Cushing as its protagonist and is set in the seaside town he loved and which is proud to have been his home. It's due to be published in May by Spectral Press - pre-ordering is now under way. The publisher is also offering a special deal, in which you can get a 2 CD edition of Peter Cushing narrating his memoirs. 

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