Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nunkie News

Nunkie Productions, fronted by the excellent Robert Lloyd Parry, is on the road again with a 'Black Pilgrimage' of M.R. James shows. This autumn Robert is offering the waiting masses 'Count Magnus' and 'Oh Whistle...'.

By the magic of Facebook, I also have news of next year's shows. Let me hand you over to Roger:

For those of you who live in or near London, Nunkie is making a rare trip within the M25 in early 2013 - the 18, 19 and 20th January will see 'Count Magnus' and 'A Warning to the Curious' performed at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in Islington, a really nice theatre above a really nice pub.
You can book tickets here
please spread the word...

There'll also be a run in The Brewery Theatre, Bristol in February - contact me for now if you need more details.

Also 3 nights at the Leper Chapel in Cambridge in January - again, reservations for the time being can be made by emailing me.
And there's more. I almost emitted what the young folk call a 'skwee' when I read to the end of this bit...
New non- MRJ show
In 2013 Nunkie will at last be breaking free from the shackles of M R James. In a collaboration with the Lowry Theatre in Salford and Harrogate Theatre, I shall be doing a new one man show based on H G Wells's sci-fi classic 'The Time Machine.' This will première in June. Watch this space for more news...
'The Time Machine' is one of my essential books - I reread it every year or so. Of course, now I see that it's an obvious choice for a one-man show. A wonderful prospect. Perhaps Robert is just going to do shows based on all my favourite books? Maybe I should send him a list, save the mucking about.

Let's round off with a quick trailer for one of Nunkie's DVDs (ideal Christmas presents, I think).

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