Monday, 9 April 2012

Shades Of Darkness: The Intercessor

One of the six-part series from the Seventies. In some cases these are marred by bad (i.e. intrusive) music, but they are rather faithful renditions of some distinguished supernatural tales. Others include Wharton's 'Afterward' and Hartley's 'Feet Foremost'.


Iain said...

That's quite scary...I just stumbled across this yesterday, when looking for something else, and bookmarked it to watch!

valdemar said...

Spooky potatoes!

Anonymous said...

I found this one via netflix. The scene where the ghost appears for the first time was very unnerving, especially when watched in a darkened room as we were.

Excellent choice here.

Not to get off topic here, but I wanted to alert you to a ghost story from Thailand titled "Dorm". While it has some similarities to "The Devil's Backbone" it soon veers off in it's direction. It's a well made film, with a flaw (which, if you see it, will have you scratching your head, but one gets past it soon enough). Not your typical ghost story, but a very emotionally satisfying film.