Thursday, 26 April 2012

Ghost Stories for Christmas on DVD

So, the British Film Institute has pulled its finger out and is releasing some of the classic seasonal dramas of the Seventies.

The first two volumes will be released in August 2012 in celebration of the 150th anniversary of M.R. James's birth. Two more volumes will follow in September, while the fifth and final volume, as well as a complete Ghost Stories for Christmas box set, will follow in October.
Volume One includes two versions of the chilling Whistle And I'll Come To You: Jonathan Miller's 1968 adaptation, starring Michael Hordern, and the 2010 re-imagining, starring John Hurt.
Volume Two includes The Stalls of Barchester (1971), starring Robin Hardy, and A Warning to the Curious (1972), starring Peter Vaughan, as well as Christopher Lee's Ghost Stories for Christmas: The Stalls of Barchester (2000).

Yes, fans of Robert Hardy, they got his name wrong. Let's hope they handle the DVD release a bit more competently. And frankly I can do without the inferior 2010 'adaptation', John Hurt notwithstanding. Still, it's good news.


Iain said...

Box set sounds as if it might end up on my Christmas list.

Some of the BFI prices for DVD releases can be a little eyewatering, though.

valdemar said...

Indeed - but at least they do provide some decent extras, like booklets.