Tuesday, 17 May 2011

ST 19 for Kindle

Having contacted the authors and won their approval, I've uploaded ST19 onto the Amazon Kindle store. It will be available to download in 2-3 days, assuming it is approved. Not sure if someone actually checks out the contents of each book or magazine uploaded - maybe they do. Anyway, the price of a download is $1.50 or its equivalent, and my royalty is 35 per cent, so as you can see I'm not going to get rich. But it might help defray postage costs, spread the word about ST, and generally make the world a spookier place.


Anonymous said...

Allo there,

I am guessing that I am far to late to the party for Mike Chislett's _A Game of Ghosts_, yes? Any development on his short novel that you mentioned in 2009?


valdemar said...

Sorry, E.S., but the most you can hope for at the moment is a new Mike C story in ST20, out this autumn.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to resurrect an old post from the dead, but are there any plans to publish a kindle edition of ST20 like you did with #19?