Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Black Pilgrimage to Suffolk

A Ghostly Company is a small literary society dedicated to the ghost story in print and on the screen. Every year we toddle off on what's termed a Black Pilgrimage (M.R. James fans will know the reference to Count Magnus) and have our AGM and a wander round picturesque and possibly spooky places. Over the Royal Wedding/Bank Holiday weekend we went to Bury St Edmunds, real Monty James territory, and visited the author's childhood home at Great Livermere. We also did a fair amount of eating and drinking. Pubs - they're everywhere, y'know. Anyway, here are some pictures of people other than myself, plus some interesting things.


Ravenhurst Mansion said...

Great blog, man.

I would love to become a follower if you decide to add the gadget. I will be checking back.

Evans, ghost hunter

Christopher Wibberley said...
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