Monday, 1 November 2010

Weird Winter Tales

Cardinal Cox has sent me another pamphlet of his poems - and again, a Lovecraftian theme, which is always welcome. What's more, he's produced a tribute to Wells' story 'The Sea Raiders', the original tentacled menace tale of terror. It's a fascinating and wide-ranging little collection, beginning and ending with poems about Dagon, the fish-god of the Philistines. In between I learned about the Formorii (aka Fomorians) an aquatic people from Irish mythology, and the Wild Man of Orford.

The actual pamphlet is published for the below event, snipped from Ansible. Couldn't find anything on the library website listed. But it looks good - the film is excellent and of course you get a free pamphlet of poems that confront you with the unspeakable horrors of the briny abyss. That's a good day out by any standard.

4 Dec • Weird Winter Tales (H.P. Lovecraft event), Reading Central Library, noon-6pm. £3 (members £2). With Call of Cthulhu showing. Note corrected date. Contact info at readinglibraries org uk.


Anonymous said...


The website should have been updated now. Details should be here although it might be necessary to scroll down a bit I think we'll have something up on Facebook soon as well.

Miriam Palfrey (Librarian)

valdemar said...

Thanks, Miriam, it's great to see such a worthwhile project going ahead in these times of swingeing cuts.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully this event will go some way towards proving our value to the local community!

There is now an event-listing for this on facebook which should eventually give a full programme of events. Thanks to Chris Lambert it has a nicely atmospheric soundtrack!