Saturday, 29 May 2010

Dead of Night

Post-war (but only just) British spooky portmanteau with ghosts aplenty. If you haven't seen it,
a. where have you been?
and b. prepare yourself for the grand finale.

The opening sequence is so nice and sunny. Cunning deception.


Oscar Solis said...

Haven't seen this film in years. I thought it was pretty good, although uneven at times. Of course the sequence with the ventriliquist is classic. While I didn't care too much for the golfing story, I really enjoyed the bit about the young girl who comforts the sad child in the room. that one is a chiller. And let's not forget the classic "room for one more".

valdemar said...

The golfing story is loosely based on HG Wells' 'The Inexperienced Ghost', one of his least effective tales. But I think a bit of light relief was needed. 'Room for one more' is pretty good, despite the toy bus going off the bridge! The little girl story seems better every time I see it. All in all it's a darn good film, especially the finale which is also the intro.