Thursday, 10 December 2009

In which I am praised

Fanzine Fanatique, a Lancastrian publication, has said very nice things about ST for some years now. The autumn 09 issue is particularly fulsome so - overcoming my natural modesty - I thought I'd quote it in full.

'Well, Steve Jones, Ellen Datlow and Charles Black are keeping the short story alive commercially, but their source material invariably comes from semi-prozines such as this, and it's quality throughout, with a prize for the best story as determined by the readers. Indeed, much as I enjoy those giant anthologies, zines such as ST are not limited to putting 'names' on their covers in order to sell. I've certainly had to endure some trash from established writers (I'll not name names) in those pro anthologies, which is why ST is such a joy. Included also some book reviews. There's a reappraisal of the work of forgotten author Gerald Kersh. I recall the name but...'

Nice, eh? I think we've all had that nasty sinking feeling when we realise that a big-name author has contributed something he tossed off (so to speak) a few years ago and has never placed, or hastily cobbled something together that reads like an inferior version of his early, classic stuff. The biggest 'name' I've published is Joel Lane, and every one of his ST stories has been excellent.

Well, it's nice to have a bit of praise.

If you'd like a sample copy of Fanzine Fanatique, send:
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Incidentally, FF is the longest running fanzine and small press reviewzine in the world - it has been published continuously since June 1972. Blimey.

What was number one in the UK in June, 1972? Well, there were two rather distinctive numbers...

Then, by way of contrast...

In terms of supernatural movies, there was of course Dracula 1972 AD, which I recall was rubbish (I may be wrong). However, there was also this:

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