Friday, 4 December 2009

Audio Fun

This blog isn't an interesting as it could be. I'm well aware that people who stop by on occasion don't always find it's been updated, and even if it has I've often got nothing much to say but 'Ooh, I'm listening to the wireless'. So I'm throwing open the comments section for readers to suggest things I could do. Nice ones, please.

One thought that occurred to me some time ago is this: would you like to hear my dulcet tones, or those of other folk, actually reading extracts from the stories? Or perhaps even reading some shorter stories complete (after they're published in ST, and of course with the author's permission)?

If so, there's a problem. It seems blogger can't sustain simple MP3 files for some reason. Unless you know different? Is there a way to get an audio file here without making it part of a video, which seems a bit mad?

Over to you, gentle reader.


ghostbrain said...

I suspect you could use to set up a free podcast and then link to it (or embed it) in your Blogger posts. I think that's free and not terribly complicated.

Hearing you do readings would be interesting if you can get enough material.

valdemar said...

Thanks ghostbrain, that's really helpful. Re: material, I already have recordings of a few stories from early issues of ST, read by various people, professionally recorded and with music. So in theory... I might not be totally incompetent and get something done. I'll check out mypodcast, it sounds like the very thing.

Nathaniel Tapley said...

Hello, David,

Yes, you'll need to find somewhere to host the audio first. For In The Gloaming we use podbean (, which I believe have a pretty good free service. We have had one evening when their servers went down in the last month, however.

Once it's hosted somewhere, and you have a URL for the mp3, you should be able to embed it without too much problem. Many hosting sites also offer embeddable players (in Blogger I you'll have to edit the HTMP of a post to embed one, I think). Let me know if you need a hand...

Nathaniel Tapley said...

(HTML, that should have read...)

valdemar said...

Thanks Nathaniel, I'm getting good advice here from splendid chaps. Just got in from a very long training course at work, but I will bear all suggestions mind. And I greatly appreciate the offer of help.

Todd T said...

Readings of any sort would be interesting, if feasible.

As for _needing_ to expand scope, though, I quite like the mix you have going now, with book, film and event tidbits and other interesting unusual stuff, ranging past to present, with plenty of humor.

To ensure frequent updates, you could introduce football scores or one of those little programs that shows updated temperature and forecast data for your location, 5,000 miles from many of your readers.

There are so many interesting blogs and sites out there, who can visit every one every day anyhow? You should go at a pace that is comfortable for you.

valdemar said...

Thanks Todd, a sensible perspective. I think I'll try and put up some more 'lively' content, but if I can't work out the tech I won't beat myself up over it. I live on Tyneside and can be beaten up by other people whenever I like.